Frequently Asked Questions about Our German Courses in Munich
>  Do you only do indivual courses (one-on-one)?


However, we can organise a course with your colleagues, partner or friends if you like.

>  Can I do a course with my partner / with my children / with my family?


Simply make an appointment with us and we can talk about your needs.

>  When do the courses start?


The start date to an individual course is for you to decide.
Since there are no group courses for which you can register, there are no fixed start dates.
We need three days to prepare your course before we start.

>  How long does a course run for?


You choose how long the course goes for. 
Once you advise us of your goals we can outline how many instruction hours you will need to help you achieve them.
However, we require a minimum of 20 instruction hours.

>  When are my lessons?


You can choose a day and time which suits you between Monday to Friday from 7am to 10pm, or if need be, a time on the weekend.

>  How long does a lesson run for?


Normally a lesson will run for 45 minutes. 

>  What happens when I go on holiday?


Just let your teacher know one week in advance of the dates you'll be away, and the date which you plan to continue your lessons on your return.   

> What happens when I'm sick?


Please contact your teacher the night before to cancel your lesson.

>  Am I able to cancel my lesson without incurring costs?


You must contact your teacher a minimum of 24 hours before your lesson to inform them of your cancellation.

>  Are your trainers German?


Yes, all our trainers are German native speakers. They all speak English very well, plus a variety of other languages.

>  What education and training have your trainers had?


All our trainers have a University degree in German as a Foreign Language and have studied in other related fields. 

>  What does a lesson cost?


This depnds on the kind of lesson you need, its content and goals. One individual lesson (45 min) will cost between € 39 - 52 + V.A.T. Prices for group lessons are quoted upon inquiry.  

> What else will I need to pay for?


Nothing.  All material and media are inclusive.

>  Can I have a trial lesson?


Trial lessons are not charged.  Please feel free to make an appointment. 

>  When do I need to pay?


Payment for 20 contact hours will need to be made before your course begins.

> Do you run One-Euro-Language courses?


These are integration courses for immigrants and refugees which are run by other schools.  Information about these courses can be found on   >> the following Munich website.

>  Can I have my lesson at home or in my office?


Yes, both. 
Trainers will come to you, at home, in the office or at a hotel.  Travel costs for trainers within Munich districts are free. 

>  Can you organise a host family for me?


We can find a host family for you in Munich and surrounding areas.  We would send you a questionnaire to determine where and how you would like to live. 

>  Can you prepare me for exams? 


We can prepare you for all exams: Goethe-Zertifikat A 1 - C1, Start Deutsch, Zertifikat Deutsch, TELC, Kleines und Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom, Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf, Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International, Wirtschaftssprache Deutsch.

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