Building vocabulary, using new words and phrases
Do you know enough words to express yourself adequately and precisely?  
We make sure that learning new words is enjoyable and rewarding.  
We also advise you on special learner-training techniques for acquiring and remembering new words.  

Understanding and applying grammar
  Refining pronunciation
Do you think German grammar is complicated?  
We show you how to master tricky points like der - die -das, dative - accusative or Ich will kaufen - Ich werde kaufen.  

We do help you speak and write easily and accurately.

  Do you struggle with names and words like München or zwölf Knödel?

We teach you how to pronounce the particular German letters and articulate difficult German names and words.

  We ensure you gain clarity and fluency in conversations, discussions and presentations.

Improving listening and reading comprehension
  Sharpening intercultural understanding

Can you always understand your friends' and colleagues' German? The German on radio and television, in books or newspapers?  
We analyse why understanding - spoken or written language - is difficult for you.  
We practise appropriate individual techniques for a quicker, easier and truer understanding.  
  Do you wonder about Du or Sie, dress code or values like sense of order or humour?
  We help you understand aspects of life in Germany and how to avoid a 'culture shock' through intercultural awareness and understanding training.
  Our aim is to prepare you for life and work culture in Germany, Bavaria and Munich.

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