Planning your course
To ensure that you receive exactly what you want and need from your lessons, we discuss course content with you thoroughly before lessons begin.  
In this first needs analysis we assess your knowledge of German, and talk about your aims and wishes for the course.  

Designing your lessons
  Choosing your methods
In all lessons we blend different learning activities, which have been customized to your individual needs.  
According to your preferences we will do roleplays, talk and discuss, read texts and work related materials, listen to radio news or dramas, correct emails - and focus on any areas in which you need assistance.  
  From our variety of training methods we select that which is specific and best suited to your requirements.

According to your learning style, we ensure that we select the most appropriate learning approach which is best suited to your learning success, for example, visual or auditory, analytical-reflective, explorative or active-pragmatic.

Supporting your learning
  Bringing out the best in you
We consult with you to agree your personal contribution to your sustained learning success.  
In this regard you receive materials and methods to ensure on-going success during self-study and after the completion of the course.  
  We work focussed on your strenghts and weaknesses and help to develop, when necessary, your self-confindence in using your German.

You will soon notice good progress and be pleased with the acknowledgement that you receive from your colleagues, managers, and friends.

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